cd-150x150Christos Despotakis is a freelancer video game designer, developer, and software engineer. He obtained his BCompSc from University of Crete, Computer Science Department and he has also studied Geology and Mathematics at the University of Athens. He is awarded an undergraduate scholarship from ICS-FORTH for his Diploma work on Interactive Educative Game for the Ambient Intelligence Lab (AmI).

Some words about me

After an extended period of scholarship in many fields I decided to turn my hobbies into a career. Being a video gamer, a game master and a board game aficionado for over 15 years, I focused my attention to video game designing. Having the background of a game master I quickly passed into the designer side, tweaking the game systems or the adventures at the beginning, and designing my custom game systems, game worlds and adventures later on.

I am a highly technical, team-oriented, solutions-driven software engineer with extensive experience in software development and technical solution deployment.  I am well-versed in all phases of the software development lifecycle, with a strong working knowledge of algorithms and data structures an demonstrated ability to work through a problem effectively and provide the best solution.

With analytical ways, attention to the details and the willingness to check every possible aspect and explore every alternative, my creations are known to have a unique feeling.